Trinity Speech and Drama

Trinity Speech and Drama

Trinity’s Speech and Drama courses via the IELS professionals specialized in Speech and Drama prepare candidates for exams with a variety of forms including poetry, prose, and play extracts in a range of styles from different periods

Trinity does not prescribe the content, which allows candidates and teachers to choose literary and dramatic forms in which they have a particular interest or that complement their studies.

In the run, Trinity exams aim the following.

◈ Developing skills in speaking and understanding text and communication by bringing the text to life through performance.
◈ Practical tasks include performing poetry, prose, extracts from plays, and discussing the work with the examiner.
◈ Integrating study from wider subjects such as English language, literature, and history.

“These exams give you a whole foundation of confidence, progression and a sense of achievement, and the external celebration of that achievement which is important.” -Xenia Horne, Trinity Examiner

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