Trinity Acting

Trinity Acting

Practical acting skills for aspiring performers

Trinity’s Acting exams are available for learners who want to focus on vocal, physical, and characterization skills in dramatic performance.

These exams come in solo, pairs, or groups. Candidates can perform a range of play extracts from a variety of periods and styles, and engage with devised forms of theatre. The format of the exams allows them to choose from a wide range of options, focusing on the literary and dramatic forms that complement their studies or that they want to explore further.

In the run Trinity exams consider the following.

◈ Develop the range of physical, characterization skills that actors use to create successful performances.
◈ Practical tasks include performing extracts from plays, improvisation, answering questions in character, reworking material, sight-reading, and discussing the candidates’ work with the examiner.

“The skills you develop as you prepare for a Trinity Acting exam bring your communication to life. That’s going to be valuable, whichever industry you’re working in, whatever occupation you decide to follow.” -Iain Reekie, Trinity Examiner

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