Over the years IELS has proven it, ensuring standards on maintaining excellence in curriculum design, assessments, and evaluations. Thousands of IELS products today are Global Citizens utilizing the skills, knowledge, and competencies on natural, pragmatic platforms in the backdrops of social, cultural, and economic spheres.

Approach to Language Teaching and Learning

Self-confidence in using the language

Language learning and qualifications at IELS furnish learners the self-confidence which is the most significant aspect in the mastery of the language. It provides learners with the enthusiasm, motivation, and energy to become positive about their learning. Self-confidence enhances learners’ inner potential to realize and facilitates them to experience real communication and use language with joy.

Learner belief in their ability to accomplish the task cut the path to successful language learning. “Successful learners appear to have higher self-esteem than those who are unsuccessful” (Richard-Amato, 2003). It is widely believed that once students gain self-confidence, it progressively expands, in conjunction with experiencing success and satisfaction as well as good relationships.

Experience of Success and Satisfaction

Experience of success provides learners with more power to pursue a new goal. It allows language learners to understand the purpose of trying and have pleasure in communicating with others. Some people might feel successful when they can communicate their thoughts to people; others might feel a sense of success when they complete a challenging task in a targeted language. The feeling of success time and again emerges specifically when they realize the degree of their improvement and achievement. There is a similarity between the experience of success and satisfaction; the experience of success at all times satisfies people not only in language learning but also in anything. To make it short, it is strongly believed that the experience of success comes hand in the hand with a sense of satisfaction.

Student Voices

IELS aims to produce the teachers who will turn out to be what learners expect them to be.

It is understood that a teacher’s personality and behavior towards students have a strong influence. To produce successful speakers of the language, teachers of IELS are highly motivated to complete their courses with a sense of responsibility, enthusiasm, and joy of teaching.

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