Candidates who choose to offer Cambridge English Qualifications can make the learning of English an enjoyable activity. These exams are effective and rewarding and are designed to cater to the learners’ needs in compliance with age and maturity.

A noteworthy factor of the Cambridge University ESOL qualifications is based on research into effective teaching and learning. People of all ages and abilities are motivated to learn English and develop their practical skills for the real world. Each exam focuses on a level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), helping learners to improve their speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills in an orderly way.

IELS being one of the thousands of organizations worldwide believes that Cambridge English Qualifications are a mark of excellence. Whatever the learners’ goals or ambitions may be, Cambridge English Qualifications are worth the price.

Accepted worldwide

The Cambridge University ESOL qualifications are accepted and trusted by thousands of leading higher education institutions, employers, and governments worldwide. They represent excellence, and open avenues to rewarding career opportunities, higher education, and satisfactory employment.

Real-life communication

The Cambridge University ESOL qualifications exams are pragmatic. They are based on real-life situations, helping learners develop the skills needed to communicate effectively. The expert examiners make sure that even the examination is the core point of establishing the correct learning. These experts take the Speaking tests face to face with the candidate so that they will develop the ability to express learners' opinions and speak confidently.

Practice materials

The Cambridge University ESOL offers a broad range of learning and support materials to sharpen learners’ language skills and help you communicate with confidence, for life.


The school-age learners at Cambridge University ESOL enjoy special attention as up and coming future generations. These qualifications are specifically designed to provide them with a strong foundation and learning framework which helps young learners and teenagers gain confidence and improve their English language skills.

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